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The Two "Dirty Little Secrets" of the Information Product Industry That Nobody's Talking About

The most common advice you hear from the gurus is that information products and home study courses are the best way to leverage your time, make money while you sleep and get your ideas and knowledge out to the masses.

Sounds great in theory, but the trouble is that it doesn't exactly work that way. And even if it did at one time, it sure doesn't anymore!

Dirty secret #1: The "Street Value" of Your Information is Now Rapidly Approach... Zero.

2016 will always be known as the year the Interwebs finally hit 1,000,000,000 websites. That's a Billion with a "B", and it's growing by more than 300 million each year. America's Most Elite, Ivy-League Universities have now released their entire course curriculums online at absolutely no charge.

Google and YouTube have become instantly accessible, "finger-tip” available, public libraries containing the equivalent of billions of FREE information products. You've probably heard that 500 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every single minute.

Think about that for just a minute... 500 hours each minute. That's 30,000 hours of video every hour and 720,000 hours of video uploaded every day!

Google indexes more than 1 Trillion pages every year. And those numbers are rising rapidly...

With all of this available 24/7 to every connected human being, it means that the real world value of information is now practically zero.

Dirty secret #2: Demand for Information Products is Actually Decreasing

Hundreds of thousands of new information products, programs & courses are released every year by entrepreneurs hoping to cash in on the dream of make-money-while-you-sleep (and that number is rising exponentially.)

However, 2015 marks the first year that US demand for information products & home study courses actually decreased by 3%.

In an industry previously accustomed to double and tripling every year, this is the "death blow" that nobody expected.

The reason for this? It's not what you'd suspect...

Information products & home study courses don't actually work (and they never did)

If information actually worked to help people make positive change, Google would have solved all the problems in the world by now. Everyone would be super healthy, happy, rich and fulfilled. We'd all be living in Googletopia.

But we're not.

The bottom line is that the Information Product Industry has sold us on a dream of making easy money selling information when in reality, information by itself ultimately just doesn't help people.

The statistics are black and white clear:

On average, only 3% of people ever complete & get results from the information products and home study courses they purchase

The other 97% of us simply just aren't "wired" to learn by reading and consuming information. We learn in a much different way which I'll talk about in just a moment.

How This Obsession with Selling Information Is Killing Your Business

The most profitable sales in any business are the repeat customers.

You've done all the up-front work to get them in the door. You've paid for the ad, or the referral, or the commission. You've convinced them that you're the one they've been looking for. And the sale happens.


The "You've got money!" notification arrives, but there isn't much profit there after those initial acquisition costs are subtracted.

Trouble is... when a staggering 97% of people aren't even getting through the product, then the chances of them having results is pretty slim. Which means that chances of a repeat purchase? Nonexistent.

"But Marisa -- I must have TEN TIMES more people than that who get results….

If it's true, then great! (But honestly, if you really took a look at the numbers, you'll probably find that it isn't)

And even if it were true, it still means that only 30% of people are getting results with your information, which still leaves 70% of people behind. I don't know about you, but I'm not OK with that -- because this is a "LOSE-LOSE" situation in my books. Both for my customer, because they still have the same problem they came to me with, and for me, because I lose my opportunity for a happy, repeat customer.

Hi, I'm Marisa Murgatroyd, and My First Information Product… Sucked

I bought into the dream, hook, line & sinker.

I trained with the best. They taught me how to package my best knowledge, offer it for $997, and then sit back while I slept.

Except -- it didn't exactly work out that way.

I put literally thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars into creating my product, my launch materials, the webinar, the emails, finding partners. I even paid a well known copywriter $10,000 to write my sales page.

And yes, I made some sales. :)

But... most students immediately got discouraged and abandoned the program part-way through. Many got stuck in "learning" mode. Only a handful ever shifted into "doing" mode.

Even though I continued to sell some version of the course for almost 4 years and did maybe 30 or 40 webinars, only about 580 people ever bought, and the program never had the impact that I dreamed and hoped it would.

I'd put everything into creating that course and it was literally my life's best work up until that point. And to make matters worse, I felt like I'd let a lot of people down.

As you can imagine, this brought me to a critical moment in my business. A moment of both despair and taking a hard look in the mirror. Why wasn't this working for me? Even more to the point, WHAT WAS I DOING WRONG?!

And when I did the math, I was even more despondent --

580 x $997 = $578,260 over 4 years

That may sound like a lot, but when I realized that 97% of them never became repeat customers to another product or service, I realized that:

I'd lost MILLIONS of dollars of potential revenue over that 4 year period

I gotta tell you, in those days, I started to get so used to the feelings of being overworked, underpaid, under-appreciated and powerless to have a bigger impact and make more money at the same time, that I felt ready to just quit.

How 2 "Dead End" Jobs Led to a Critical Insight that Changed Everything


I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was 2010, and I was working as a documentary film director in Los Angeles. I had put 3 years of my life into a film series on drug addiction and recovery.

It was a great project and I was really invested in it, but the producers hadn't put too much thought into how they were going to actually market the films and get it out.

They hoped, as many entrepreneurs do, that the market would find them.

And long story short, I think that only about 10 people ever watched the films.

While I was incredibly proud of the work I'd done, I couldn't escape the feeling that I'd just wasted 3 years of my life creating a film that pretty much nobody was ever going to see.

It's funny - years later, I still have hundreds of copies of the DVDs in my house reminding me that it doesn't matter if you have the greatest message in the world if nobody's paying any attention.

Job #2 was for a non-profit in Los Angeles called LAANE.

While I was there, I noticed something interesting: the were really good at getting their ideas out and into people's minds in a really impactful way that grabbed attention powerfully, and most importantly -- got people to take action.

From throwing huge galas to civil disobedience, to creative ways of getting celebrities involved in their cause, like the "Falling Whistles" movement you see to the right, it really was some of the most ingenious ways I'd ever seen for motivating people.

I quickly saw that it was thanks to this skill they'd developed of getting people to take action that they were able to really quickly make huge progress on the political issues that were important to them (compared with the documentary people, who let's just say... weren't.)

I was intrigued.


Why This Discovery Literally
Changed Everything

In a blinding flash of clarity one day, I realized that I'd been running my business like the documentary folks, instead of the non-profit.

The non-profit folks realized that their secret sauce wasn't their information. They knew that they first needed to engage people and grab their attention with an Experience.

Only then could they start to educate.

That's when I realized how everything I'd learned from the experts about selling my information had been working against me from the start.

I'd been taught by the experts and "Gurus" that my "secret sauce" was my information

Even worse, I believed them when they told me that the key to providing value to my customers was to have a big "thud factor" (this is the sound that a LOT of information makes as it hits your customer's doorstep or inbox.)

I realized that I'd never taken the time to engage people first, before trying to educate them, as the non-profit people did so effectively

It was in that moment that I literally fell silent and instantly in my mind, everything just fell into place.

A huge feeling of relief and gratitude washed over me, because I realized that there was nothing wrong with me. There wasn't anything wrong with the information I was putting out into the world.

There was simply something wrong with the approach I was using to put it out there!

I realized that the most beloved, most profitable and most successful products and services… the ones that have viral attention and continued engagement… the ones that convert new buyers in droves... AND the ones that make the most money… are the ones that go above and beyond just selling information…

They go above and beyond offering just another product or service. They're the ones that make experience PART of their core product.

And that's literally what makes all the difference in the world...

I was using an 18th century approach in a 21st century world. I was trying to sell 2D products in a 4D world.

I knew that if my ideas were going to get out there in a massive and profitable way, I had to follow the example of the non-profit.

Humans Learn Best When They're Not Actually Trying to "Learn"

We're all aware (and if we're honest, perhaps a little envious) of how easily children seem to learn new things. Language, skills or abilities. It all seems effortless for them.

In the past, researchers thought it was because young brains are more "plastic" than mature ones -- which means it can more easily and quickly create new neural pathways.

The latest research however, has revealed that our brains remain plastic for far longer than previously thought, giving children no inherent advantage in the game of learning and growing.

So how do they make it look so easy?

They do it in the context of fun & engaging experiences -- otherwise known as "play". Research overwhelmingly shows that your brain is in high learning mode when you're having memorable, fun & engaging experiences.

And what's more, we actively seek and pay good money for these kind of experiences in a range of ways -- like games, movies, TV and the Internet.

"How Does This Apply to Me Selling My Information & Expertise Online for Real Money?"

If we're naturally attracted to fun & engaging experiences, and are willing to pay for them, wouldn't it make sense to figure out how to USE these kinds of experiences to:

Wouldn't that stand out like a beacon in a sea of boring, dry information products, command higher prices and help our customers get better results?

I was intrigued by the idea and wanted to see if it would work, and spent a year creating and refining what I call the "Experience Formula" -- the 10 Core Experiences that are essential if you want to grab attention and engage people in today's world, and then deliver your knowledge and expertise.

Experiences such as Mission, Constant Wins, Feedback Loops, Peak Emotional Experiences and 6 more.

So I tried it out... and What Happened Next Blew the Doors Off What I Thought Was Possible...

I sent an email as an "experiment" to create and sell this new "Experience Product". I needed to see if the ideas would work in MY world, with MY tribe, MY customers.

(As you read, please keep in mind that these results aren't typical. This is the result of my first ever test of incorporating the 10 Core Experiences directly into sales, marketing, product delivery.)


  • 5,000 emails sent, 990 people registered ("opt ins") for the webinar
  • 508 watched my presentation live (a 51% attendance rate, well above the industry average of 20-30%)
  • 108 people joined at $497 (a 21% conversion rate, more than double the industry average 5-10%)
  • Immediate total revenue of $53,676 (Not bad for a "test" webinar)


(Note: This is where it starts to get REALLY crazy)
  • 83 out of 108 people went through the entire program (that's a 76% completion rate, compared with the industry average of just 3% >> WOW!!)
  • At the end of the course, 28 people bought my next offer (a 34% upsell rate, compared with the industry average of less than 10%)
  • And finally, 6 of those 28 people bought the next premium, $10K-$20K offer (a 21% upsell rate, which brought in a further $79,000 in sales)


  • Those 990 initial "opt-ins" generated $137,884 in sales, in less than 3 months, in a marketing "test"! (That's $1,277 in generated per "opt-in")
  • Most importantly, I had huge impact on 76% of my customers (instead of the industry average of just 3%)

Word Got Out And My Students
Went Crazy For It!

I knew I was onto something, and bit by bit, I started to share the 10 Core Experiences with people.

And they went CRAZY about the idea!

However, I hesitated to reveal the entire picture at first. I honestly didn't know if my ideas would work in other industries, with different kinds of audiences.

And what's more, at that point all I had was the 10 Core Experiences you see to the right and a head full of ideas of how I could help people implement it.

But I could clearly see how desperately people needed what I had developed.

I could see them getting stuck with their products as I'd gotten stuck.

Feeling like they'd failed because they weren't getting the results and outcomes they wanted. And blaming themselves, instead of the delivery method.

That's when I started thinking about taking my Experience Product approach and creating a Masterclass environment to teach a select few people how to do what I'd done.

We've now created Experience Products and Services in dozens of markets, such as Reiki, Publishing, all kinds of Coaching and Consulting, Education, Careers, Online, Local & Traditional Marketing, Health & Wellness, Personal Productivity, Relationships, Spirituality, Sex, Art, Design, Non-Profits, generating tens of thousands of customers and millions of dollars in sales for myself and my students alike.

That's When I Knew That I'd
Solved a Big Problem

I now had the confirmation I needed that this was an approach to selling knowledge and expertise and motivating people to take action that would work for virtually every industry, every business and every kind of information, expertise, and teaching style and in every kind of student environment -- online, face-to-face, in a group environment or one-on-one.

There's nothing more gratifying for me as a teacher than seeing our students succeed.

That is the feeling I want for YOU.

And that's when I made the commitment to dig in and build the Experience Product Masterclass, and offer it to you today.

The Revolutionary Idea that Changed Everything

The Blockbuster Video chain used to be the King of worldwide video rental & distribution. You'd have to be over 30 to remember them (sorry). :)

Then one day, a company called Netflix came along and offered a new & more convenient way to rent movies. Blockbuster made fun of them, but within a few short years, shuttered its doors due to the shifting winds of the market.

Experience Products are your chance to buy Netflix stock at rock bottom -- a brand new new way to create products, programs & courses that do more than just give information.

And those still creating "traditional" info products, programs and courses will opening video stores in a Netflix world.

I've designed the Experience Product Masterclass to guide you to designing, marketing and making a minimum of $2,000 from your first Experience Product in 8 weeks.

This means that we work in partnership with you, our students, to create your success. We'll be providing an Experience to help get you from wherever you are (even if you don't have so much as a blog or website yet), to your first lucrative Experience Product.

"My Situation is Different.
Will This Work For Me?"

My toughest challenge came in the form of a student by the name of Matthew Turton.

Matthew runs Breakthroughs in Learning, an educational therapy company near Toronto, Canada for children and adults with serious learning disabilities.

For almost 20-years they'd been locked into a 1:1 model of therapy that was super effective for their clients but kept their profit margins at less than 10%.

Starting with the 10 Core Experiences, we created a new series of group programs that motivated students to make a huge effort, and their families to provide huge levels of support.

We laid out a crystal clear, detailed and step-by-step 2-year journey to get each participant to their destination by earning Constant Wins along the way so they could gain Unstoppable Momentum and most importantly sustain this over what can be an arduous 2-year long journey dedicated to building up their brain capacity and ensuring the changes they made actually "stuck."

And the result?

People who couldn't previously afford our services now have access, which I'm thrilled about. We're much more profitable too. We increased our net revenue 40% this year from last, which is unheard of in a high-overhead brick and mortar business like ours. I've been able to give my team a 25% raise, and buy a new hours closer to the office so I can spend less time driving and more time with my family.

And it's all thanks to embedding the 10 Core Experiences you'll find on the Experience Formula.

What could adding even just a few Core Experiences mean for YOUR next, or existing product, program, course, coaching package or service offering?

Can you imagine what might be possible if you added ALL 10?

You're Invited to the Experience Product Lab

Join me and a select group of just 19 other high level Experience Product Masterclass students for 2 full days here at my home to work on YOUR business over two days, live, and in person.

We’ll mastermind and brainstorm with beautiful views of Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Mountains. We’re going to bring in our personal chef to cook up some amazing meals for you as we go deep with you and your new lucrative Experience Product.

Talk about having the Ultimate Experience WHILE creating a program or product full of Experiences!


  • We’re going to workshop your experience product from top to bottom, take what you have an make it even better.
  • We’re going to spend a FULL day on your 10x Strategy to make sure you not only have the perfect idea that’s going to sell like "hotcakes", but we’ll also brainstorm your blockbuster name, compelling mission AND the messaging you’ll need to stand out in a crowded market.
  • I know from experience the kind of small shifts in strategy and messaging that you can get from small group environments like this can lead to big results and we’re going to workshop all this together for the first half of Day 1, getting you to a simple clear and irresistible offer.
  • Then after a delicious lunch, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work on your entire Experience Escalation Framework and how you take prospects on a step-by-step journey from visitor to buyer to repeat buyer and ultimately to outspoken evangelists.


  • We’ll spend the morning workshopping your 10x Marketing campaign so you know you’re using the right campaign at the right time and you don’t have to worry about doing a complicated product launch like the one you see before you to sell your products and fill your program….
  • Then while you eat, my team will go to work reviewing your marketing headlines, so after lunch we can have a headline party with your choice of beer, kombucha or whiskey. We’ll personally make sure that the single most important heavy-lifting asset of your marketing campaign is dialed in.
  • Most copywriters spend 80% of their time getting the headline right. Once you have this one essential marketing element in place, everything else snaps into place from there.
  • Then we’ll wrap up our day with a deep dive into your 10x Delivery or what to do once your prospects say yes and how to turn first-time buyers into repeat customers.
  • The most profitable businesses make 80% of their sales in their backend and we want to make sure you’ve defined a powerful next step that your new customers are going to want to say yes to. We’ll also reverse engineer their path from first time buyer to repeat customer and outspoken evangelist of all things you… :)
  • We’ll finish our time together here over dinner and drinks as we invite each one of you to lead a 5-7 minute experience to the group.
  • This is your opportunity to dazzle all of us with what you do, give us a fast win, and maybe even get your first couple customers for your new experience product… it’s going to be a pretty elite group of people in that room, who have all demonstrated that they’re willing to invest to get the best results fast… so you never know what can happen when you show up and bring your magic.
We Guarantee

We know you've done a lot, and tried a lot, and may have wasted a lot of time and money going down the wrong road.

We get it -- we've been there. That's why our sole focus in the Experience Product Lab is to get you to profitability as quickly as possible.

Our Mission will be to help you design, market and make a minimum of $2,000 from your first Experience Product in 8 weeks.

I'll tell you more about that in just a moment, but first I want to be really clear about who should (and who shouldn't!) consider joining this program…

Who the Experience Product
Lab Is For...

Who the Experience Product
Lab Is Not For...

  • If you're the type of person that's looking for a "get-rich-quick” opportunity without putting in the effort, this is not for you.
  • If your customers take a back seat to your bottom line, then you should stop watching this video, because that's the opposite of what Experience Products are all about.

Now if you're saying to yourself: "That's not me at all. I'm in this for the right reasons -- to bring my message to the world, help a LOT of people, to earn a great living and have fun while I do it...", then keep reading because Experience Products are the best way to do that.

Our "Partnership Approach" With Our Students

Here's the truth... the Experience Product Lab isn't a money-making venture for us.

That's because when you join us at the Experience Product Lab, you're a student, not a customer. And you get a coach, not a customer support desk.

We're putting pretty much all of our profits back into providing amazing experiences and coaching for you, to guarantee your success.

That's how serious I am about getting you results. We're both in this together.

We have a "no customer left behind” policy here at Live Your Message.

Why? First of all we care about your result.

Second, I'm on a mission to change the way our industry delivers training, information and experiences. Your success is my success.

Does This Sound Too Good to Be True?

Don't take our word for it… listen to the industry leaders that Marisa has worked with.

"We had Marisa speak at our recent event and she blew everyone away. I don't say that lightly. Not only was my tribe taking furious notes, I was taking notes. Marisa is not only a great speaker, her content and style of training is unique, powerful and gets you moving. She created an experience with video, props and exercises that got our tribe super engaged, and had major breakthroughs with the people she brought up on stage to coach with her."

Ajit Nawalka
Senior Partner, MindValley

"I spoke at Marisa's Message to Money Live event and was amazed by the experience she created for her tribe. She literally pulled together a room of superstars. They walked in on Friday with the usual fears and doubts, and they walked out on Sunday being able to clearly articulate their message and speak it to a room. Rarely have I seen this level of real transformation at a business event."

Natalie Ledwell
Co-Founder, MindMovies

"Marisa is one of the smartest people I know in the online marketing world. But even more important, her company is doing work that is making a measurable impact on millions of people. I'm already a client of hers, but my company plans to double down on the Experience Product methodology. It's that big of an opportunity."

Josh Turner
CEO LinkedSelling

"Marisa gave a live presentation on creating online experience to my team, and they LOVED it! We're definitely going to be applying what Marisa teaches in our business. I believe that Marisa's work is going to be setting the trend for our entire industry. People don't just want more information, they want experiences!"

Bill Baren
Bill Baren Coaching

How I wasted $50,000 Listening to the wrong people

I invested over $50K in online training programs, coaches and Masterminds, so I could develop my first info product.

I'd been taught to create something called "Thud Factor” -- named after the sound that a LOT of information makes when it lands on your doorstep. I'd been trained that the louder the "thud,” the more valuable the product would be perceived. And... I definitely took the "thud factor” approach with my first program Message to Money.

Looking back, I now realize that I inadvertently created a huge Negative Experience Escalation that took most of my customers out of the game before they ever even suited up! Lengthy emails right out of the gate, lots of tasks to do, lots of video to watch. I'd started them on a downward death spiral of overwhelm which inevitably develops into frustration and then procrastination, unfilled expectations, refunds, and no repeat business. What I came to realize is that the "thud” was actually the sound of someone's hopes and dreams dying.

Even though we did a little better with that product than the industry standard, I've never been OK with leaving 90% or more of my customers behind.

$2,000 Is Just the Minimum

I know that for some of you $2000 doesn't sound like a lot of money… and I want to be clear that $2000 is our minimum goal for you for the 8-weeks of the program.

If you're brand new to business, it's critical to remember, that going from zero to collecting your first dollar is the biggest and most challenging jump you will ever make... even hard than going from $20K -> $100K or $100K -> $500K.

Now, if you're already further along, I encourage you to set higher target and stretch goals for yourself in this program and beyond.

Many of my students have made much more than $2000 and even doubled or even tripled their revenue by applying the principles I'll teach you the Masterclass.


Tinu got her first couple $800/month coaching clients using experience marketing.

Tinuola Awopetu
Career Coach for Women

Kristin broke the glass ceiling for reiki practioners by creating new experience packages that have given her her first 5-figure month beating her last day job as an ad industry exec as the highest-earning-month ever.

Kristin Dwan
Reiki Master & Business Coach for Healers

Matthew increased the profit margins in his brick-and-mortar educational therapy business from 10% to 50% by adding experience products to his offerings.

Matthew Turton
Educational Therapist & Poutine Enthusiast

Of course I do need to be responsible and say that your results may vary.
But even if they do, your minimum outcome is $2,000. Guaranteed.

Lab Starts In

And That's Only the Beginning

While designing and marketing your first experience product is undoubtedly a huge accomplishment, the real profit comes in when you create an entire suite of experience products that allows your customers, clients and students to continue to reinvest in you over and over again.

My student Jesse Krieger built a series of escalating offers from an entry level product to a done-for-you service to a yearlong mastermind and took his business from low 6-figures to mid-6-figures plus the royalties he earns each month from the authors he publishes.

He now has a full-fledged experience business that he loves and knows that he'll continue to build for years if not decades to come.

Here's why the Time to Act is Now...

Right now, you're at a crossroads in your business and now is your opportunity to make a decision -- perhaps the most important you've ever made in your business.

Do you keep on doing what you've been doing and keep on getting the same results? Or do you choose to accelerate your path to success by following the proven path that hundreds of people have followed, and receive guidance, coaching and support directly from me.

Now is the time.

There's absolutely no risk here and everything to gain. But you do have to grab your spot before registration closes because we're about to close the doors and get started.

So go ahead and do this right now while it's on your mind and you're still thinking about it.

Okay, I'll leave you with that for now. Simply click on the button below, submit your application and I'll see you on the inside.

Now go out there and Live Your Message. :)

Yes, Marisa, I'm In!

I'm ready and excited to…

  • Design and market my first experience product in 8-weeks or less.
  • Instantly & uniquely stand out from everybody else who is still creating dry, boring information products.
  • Make a deep, lasting impact in the lives of my customers by helping them get the results they want.
  • Get off the marketing treadmill by creating products that literally start to market themselves.
  • Have more fun and build a business that feels fantastic to me… and my customers.
Lab Starts In

Here's what Will Happen Next...

Once you submit your application you'll immediately receive an application form to fill out.

My team will review the application, and if approved, you'll receive instant access to your very first training modules of the Experience Product Masterclass.

You'll ALSO receive a link to confirm your attendance at the Lab -- and you'll be included in the remaining portion of the Experience Product Masterclass, so you can make progress in the time that's remaining between now and when we will gather for the Lab.

You Mission is in just 8-weeks from now to look back and realize you've created your first lucrative Experience Product: a lucrative product designed to be effective, fun and engaging for your customers that was actually easier than you ever imagined to create.

Here's Everything You'll Get When You
Join Us At the Experience Product Lab...

  • Complimentary Access to the Experience Product Masterclass

    This is where, together we design, market & earn (at least) $2,000 with your first Experience Product in 8 weeks or less. Marisa will deliver this program live, giving you plenty of opportunities to ask her questions and get her personal support.

  • BONUS: Choosing And Validating your Niche (Value $497)

    Many times when you have a new business (or you’re thinking of making a change), you don’t have it all worked out yet. You might have many passions but you just don’t know what the perfect niche or tribe is for you. This ultra-focused training will help you home in FAST on the right product idea for you.

  • BONUS: I'm Powerful (Value $997)

    It’s easy to get stuck in a negative loop of everything that’s not working… and forget everything that’s possible for you right now in this moment. That’s why we're also giving you a series of Breakthrough Interviews & Exercises from some of the top personal dev experts in the world.

  • BONUS: Your Website in a Weekend (Value $1,997)

    An online “weekend training experience” to help you stop wasting money with websites that don’t convert your traffic into buyers... or if you don’t have a website yet, you’ll discover the right way to build it, page by page, from the ground up so you don’t waste time doing it the wrong way.

  • BONUS: 3 Month Account with Heroik (Value $497)

    Build (or makeover) your site with the Experience Website experts

  • BONUS: 1 Complimentary Ticket to Message to Money LIVE (Value $997)

    Your experience product is just the beginning. Once you get the hang of this and start seeing results you’re going to want to expand this out into your entire online business. That’s why we're including a ticket to "Message to Money Live" where you'll discover how to turn your authentic message into a profitable experience business you (and your tribe) will love.

  • BONUS: 18 "How to Name Anything” Templates + My Font & Color Templates (Value $997)

    Get Marisa's entire foundation to build a truly great product brand. You’ll discover her 18 “go to” "Master Naming Templates" when doing $50,000 private branding packages.

  • LAUNCH BONUS: 12 Month Access to Our Private "Experience Business Mastermind" (Value $2,364)

    Exclusive access to a private community of hundreds of entrepreneurs at all levels and stages of building successful businesses with Experience Products. A perfect opportunity to surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are in it with you.

  • LAUNCH BONUS: 2-Day Live Virtual Group Training (with Marisa) to build your Experience Website (Value $4,997)

    Spend 2 full days working virtually with Marisa on your Experience Website with extensive Q&A.

  • LAUNCH BONUS: Behind-the-Scenes Access (Value $4,000)

    Have the experience of being "in it" with us as Marisa creates this program before your eyes. Model her "collaborative content creation" and use it for your own Experience Product. Plus you have the exclusive opportunity to ask Marisa questions at the end of each session. She's has been known to add hundreds of thousands of dollars to people's bottom line in just seconds.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $32,840

    Including 3 Core Package items, 6 Bonuses, 3 Launch-Only Bonuses

Yes, Marisa, I'm In!

I'm ready and excited to...

  • Design and market my first experience product in 8-weeks or less.
  • Instantly & uniquely stand out from everybody else who is still creating dry, boring information products.
  • Make a deep, lasting impact in the lives of my customers by helping them get the results they want.
  • Get off the marketing treadmill by creating products that literally start to market themselves.
  • Have more fun and build a business that feels fantastic to me… and my customers.
Lab Starts In

Still Got Questions? No Problem - We Love Questions, and We Have Answers


On May 15th, Emily had an idea for a new experience product. Two-weeks later she had 15 people in her 4-week Double Your Inquiries group coaching program earning her $12K in just 6-weeks from scratch with a single great idea that occurred to her one day while out working out.

Emily Fontes
Brand Strategist & Web Designer

Jesse Krieger built a series of escalating offers from an entry level product to a done-for-you service to a yearlong mastermind and took his business from low 6-figures to mid-6-figures plus the royalties he earns each month from the authors he publishes. He now has a full-fledged experience business that he loves and knows that he'll continue to build for years if not decades to come.

Jesse Krieger
Book Marketing & Publishing

Jane finally lined up her energy with her business and her message. And when she found that alignment between who she was and the business she was building, all of a sudden everything started to flow. That allowed her to go from zero products, zero clients and zero income to 8 new clients in just one month.

Jane Guyn
Sex Therapist

What Does the Future Look Like for You? What do You Want To Achieve?

How would your life change if YOU were able to design, market & make at least $2,000 from your 1st Experience Product in 8 weeks or less?

What would that make possible for you, for your family and for your life?

Imagine how you'd spend that extra income, and the type of lifestyle you'd be able to provide your family if you could rinse and repeat those kinds of results over and over again ... and more.

Whatever your picture of success looks like for you, imagine it in as much detail as you can. Imagine having the financial means to create the lifestyle you want to live, to provide for your family and to provide for your tribe as well as the freedom and time to enjoy it.

Not some time in the distant future, but starting right now. Today.

I can't wait to support you in the Experience Product Masterclass & Lab.