Our “$2,000 Can’t Fail” Legal Guarantee

Our promise to you…

First of all you probably know by now that this is NOT an info product. Not even close. This is an EXPERIENCE product and quite possibly the first opportunity you’ll have to see an experience product in action.

And that means FOUR important things:

One, you’re not going to be left to work through the material, alone and isolated and wondering if you’re doing it right. No way, no how.

Two, it’s going to be an Experience! Together, we’re going to be designing, marketing, and MAKING MONEY from your Experience Product, LIVE, over 10-weeks with support, guidance and feedback every step of the way.

Three, to help you do this -- I’ve hired, trained and paid for a TEAM of Experience Product Success Coaches -- and when you join the Masterclass you’ll be assigned to your very own personal coach who will get to know your situation and support you through the program.

Four, I’m so certain this will work for you and that you’re going to love it that I’ve created an absolutely crazy guarantee. If you do the work, yet don’t make at least $2000 by the end of the course, we’ll make up the difference. Yep, that’s right... We’re legally guaranteeing that you will make at least $2,000 from your Experience Product in 10 weeks and if you don’t, we pay you!

Our “$2K Can’t Fail” Guarantee…

We guarantee that you will make at least $2,000 from your Experience Product in 10 weeks, or I will personally PayPal you the difference -- up to $2,000.

That means I’m personally guaranteeing your success.

And it also means that you risk absolutely nothing by joining the Experience Product Masterclass, because by the end of the course you will have earned back the cost of the program, and, if you don’t, we’ll pay you!

To qualify, just do these few things:

  1. Sign our legal guarantee signifying that you understand the terms of the guarantee by 11:59pm PT on November 28, 2017 (located on the homepage of the EPM membership site)
  2. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions I’ll give you and put EPM into action
  3. Use the bonuses, support, and the resources that are available to you
  4. Participate in the private Facebook group and coaching calls
  5. Do all the assignments and document your work along the way

Then by the end of the 10 week program you’ll either have earned $2,000 or we’ll make up the difference.

Who can submit a guarantee claim?

Since we’re taking all the risk and committing our money to your success, the first step to being eligible for the guarantee is to sign our legal guarantee.

And the second is to show your work.

Note: To be eligible for the guarantee your account must be in good standing and all payments up to date as of February 5, 2018.

You can submit a guarantee claim if you’ve done the following:

1) Completed all of the Videos and Associated Actions

To show that you've completed all of the videos and associated actions you must have checked off all boxes on the membership site by 11:59pm PT on February 12, 2018. In addition to checking off all of the boxes you must submit your completed homework assignments using the method outlined below by 11:59pm PT on February 12, 2018.

2) Campaigned Using 3 Different Methods

One of the greatest things you will learn in the Experience Product Masterclass is that in marketing you should never put all of your eggs in one basket. It’s crucial to your success that you run multiple campaigns during your launch, and we will make it easy for you by guiding you through 8 different campaigns to choose from. You just need to execute on at least 3. You will need to document your marketing campaigns along with the results of each. See below for how to document and submit these details.

3) Attended at least 50% of the Group Coaching Calls

There are (24) group coaching sessions offered throughout the program (with Marisa, Don, and your assigned coach). You must attend at least (12) of the sessions (attendance will be taken by a Live Your Message team member 10 minutes into each call).

4) Participated in the Group Coaching Calls by Asking Questions

Questions need to be relevant to the training and your progress in the program. They must be answerable and limited to the content of the Experience Product Masterclass to be considered as satisfying the terms of claim approval. Since we can only help you if you speak up, we ask that you ask a minimum of four (4) questions throughout the program.

5) Complete All Program Checkpoints

We’ve designed the coaching program so that your progress is reviewed at crucial points in the process so you never get off track and you can rest assured that you’re making the right decisions for your business. To be eligible for the guarantee you must have completed all checkpoints and received the “thumbs up” from your Experience Product Success Coach. They will make sure you have a marketable idea and solid campaign so you don’t waste any time heading in the wrong direction.

Checkpoints will be tracked on a personal tracking GoogleDoc provided to you by the Live Your Message team. It’s your responsibility to update this doc by each of the due dates and email your Experience Product Success Coach to let them know you’ve completed the checkpoint (please include the link to your GoogleDoc in the email for fast reference). Your coach will review your work and either give you a “thumbs up” or comment with suggested changes. If you don’t receive the “thumbs up” you have 48 hours to make the requested changes and update your coach.

6) Coachable & Showed a Willingness to Take Action

To get the most out of the Experience Product Masterclass and to reach Mission Accomplished it's critical to your success that you exhibit a coachable attitude and a willingness to take action.

If you’re not clear, don’t understand, or disagree with the coaching you’re receiving, you are responsible for letting the coach know so you can work together to find a solution that will work for you, the market and your business.

We’re here to help you cross the finish line and confidently click the Mission Accomplished button but we can’t do that if you refuse or ignore our coaching or if you’re unable or unwilling to take action on the Program or the Coaching. If you repeatedly refuse or ignore our coaching you’ll no longer be eligible for the guarantee.

If you can confidently answer “YES!” to all of the above, then we got you covered :)

To claim the “$2K Can’t Fail” Guarantee:

To make a claim under the guarantee, we ask that you submit documentation showing you completed all homework assignments and action steps, connected with your Experience Product Success Coach via email or through comments on your EPM personal tracking GoogleDoc, and completed at least 3 marketing campaigns reaching the specified target number of prospects.

We are so certain that if you take each and everyone of these actions, you will be successful, that we are taking the risk if you are not!

Documentation Needed:

Submitting Your Documentation:

Here’s what happens once your claim is approved:

Once you’ve submitted your claim we will review it within 10 business days and let you know via email if your claim has been approved or if we need any additional documentation. Once approved you will receive notice via email and payment directly to your PayPal account within 5 business days.

We’re confident that if you follow through on every step of this process, you’ll succeed.

And if you don’t get results… just show us you put in all the effort and we’ll give you up to $2,000 back.

Either way you win :)

Important: While we believe that principles taught in this program can be used in any industry, it is the responsibility of the student to know and understand the regulations governing their industry and how they may affect the application of the Experience Product Masterclass.

Neither Live Your Message nor any of its affiliates, partners, or employees are able to give legal advice about whether this program will apply to your industry. Because of our investment in each student, we are unable to offer any refunds or guarantees if, after purchase, you are unable to use the Experience Product Masterclass Program in your industry.

Additional Terms: You are not eligible for this guarantee if you received the Experience Product Masterclass as a bonus, as part of another package, at a discount, as a partner, affiliate, or team member, or if you received this program in any other way besides purchasing it for the full price from Live Your Message.

This guarantee is non-transferrable and can only be claimed by the original purchaser on file.