Marisa Murgatroyd’s
Experience Product Masterclass Reviews:

What Can the Experience Product Masterclass
Do For You?

This page will guide you through what our past students have to say about the Experience Product Masterclass, in their own words.

Experience Product Masterclass

Graduate Spotlight

“It worked out because within eight weeks
I had a product… And it's changed everything for me because now I've got this amazing thing that's just exactly in the right the sweet spot
of what I'm good at, what people want and what they're willing to pay for.”

Kat Walters

Lincolnshire, UK

“I have been doing minimal marketing really because I've got such an amazing product. All I have to do now is post in groups about it and I get people signing up to work with me.”

"During the Experience Product Masterclass, 53 people enrolled in level one of my Experience Product yielding: $4,553 in sales. B. Two people enrolled at level two, yielding: $4,697 in sales. TOTAL SALES, $9,250 - WOOWOWOWOOW! My sales goal - big step goal - was $12,500 and I am well on my way.

D'vorah Lansky

Hartford, Connecticut

“I've been through coaching programs before and you don't always get this much access to your coach. Like being able to say, hey I'm dealing with this or what do you think about this and being able--like she is available. And I think that's the biggest thing is that we know she's on our team. It's not like on your team in theory and then you never get to interact, like we know that she is on our team.”

Davina & Galen Detrik

Product: Thrive Experience Masterclass

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

“Within EPM, in that eight week period, we made it $64,000. And at the end of that launch, so outside of the eight weeks, we made a little over $100,000. And to date, we've ran two more classes on top of the first class, totalling our entire income from the start of EPM to today, $270,000.”

“Bottom line...I am absolutely thrilled that I participated in the Experience Product Masterclass… Most definitely, this has been one of those life altering experiences which bless our path from time to time…”

Des Coroy

Baton Rouge, Lousiana

“They asked the right questions to get you really thinking and digging down deeper and deeper and deeper into who is really your client… Now let me tell you how I knew that was the one because within two weeks I had closed $24,000 worth of business out of that clarity and out of talking to the right people.”

Ed Oakley

Product: 2nd Career Entrepreneurs

St. Petersburg Florida, USA

“Essentially, I went from not making any money to having clients that respect me and want to work with me. I'm not afraid to show up to work, I'm not afraid to speak up, I do have leadership skills even though my company didn't think I did. I'm coaching executives and they respect me and listen to what I have to offer. So it's beautiful.”

Jennifer Holbus

Product: Professional Edge Training and Consulting

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“Four weeks in and I signed my first client and that was $100,000 for six months. After EPM, I was able to get that up to one year and added another $150,000. So from zero to six months, a quarter mill.

“I'm like a full time mom for decades, I didn't graduate from college, but I was able to establish myself as an authority even though this was the first time I'd done something. So learning how to do that, you know, just these critical little pieces that I needed just to put something together that worked.”

Jeannine Luke

Product: Trips To Italy

Laguna Beach, California, USA

“If you have an idea, something that you want to do that involves other people and an experience of some sort, if you haven't done it yet, do EPM and then you'll have done it and then you can do it again. It makes all the difference.”

EPM taught me a sustainable way to serve new people and... the techniques around building experience products are really enabling me to build my online and my physical business in such a way that customers really get the transformation that they need.”

Richard Medcalf

Product: Rocket Results

Paris, France

“I was hoping for around four or five customers in the end I got an initial cohort of around about 10 which brought in around $5,000 of revenue more than paying for the course. But more than the money I've been most excited about the transformation that I've seen in my students!”

“I call myself a joyful nourishment instigator, I help people get strong, lean, and resilient so they can get the body to live their purpose and passion.”

Robyn Landis

Tucson, Arizona, USA

“It was incredible how much I was able to get done…I was just having a great time and I was addicted (in a healthy way!) because it was fun!”

“I honestly have made more progress in 8 weeks than I have during the last two years. I have tested an offer, developed an opt-in, done a high ticket offer to potential clients - something that I know they will love, and I'm so thrilled to deliver… I can do it - I can make a difference - and I can have this huge world changing impact I've dreamed of.”

Juliet Le Breton

Harare, Zimbabwe

The marketing part was my favorite one because she tell us how to do it without going to explanations that didn't help us to achieve our goal. And to really manage to give you information that helps you to actually do what you have to do in that moment to achieve your goal.”

Vanesa Gallego

Madrid, Spain

“Before EPM, I was making enough income to support my family. Basically that was it. And after EPM I'm changing the way that I do business and I almost doubled my income month to month.

“Marisa’s enthusiasm was infectious, even in the recordings. Every single lesson had a purpose. Every single lesson contained everything we needed to know. No more. No less. Gently, kindly, Marisa led us down a path to success.”

Lilah Valentine

Exmouth, Devon, United Kingdom

“I loved working with Marisa. Marisa goes full out. She does it for her own enjoyment, she thrills at being creative and she communicates in that to the people she works with and she also really goes full out for us, you know, for me.”

Michelle Bongiorno

Product: Bold Breakthroughs

The Catskills, New York, USA

“She is very very professional and is very authentic and real. When you get both of those together, you've got someone that's really fun and valuable to work with.”

“I never thought that after EPM I would be a published author and speaking on stages but those things happened because I stopped fighting and took the leap and opened up to the flow and trusted that okay we'll see what happens. And it happened.”

Sarah Madras

Raleigh, North Carolina

“I'm much more fun to be around and more relaxed and more patient and less stressed now after EPM because of my mindset shifts that took place during EPM.”

“Using the techniques I learned here, lives are already changing... Thanks to the skills I learned I'm on track to a very successful practice. Even more important, I now have the techniques necessary to truly have an impact on my clients’ health, both through group classes and in private consults.”

Marla Evans

Amarillo, Texas

“This program is beyond any program I have ever taken. I have learned so much, and YES I reached and surpassed my goal! I made $3,900 during the program, and I've only just started!.”

Kat Kim

Seattle Washington

*FTC DISCLAIMER: These results may not be typical, and can’t be taken in any way as a guarantee of the results you would receive since your success depends on the quality of your offers and marketing. We don’t offer get rich quick solutions, and we can’t guarantee your success – only you can do that, through your commitment, hard work, consciousness, and dedication.