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"Before EPM, I didn't have a website, I didn't have a list, I was starting from scratch. Now I have a new business and I literally just made $2,500 in a week from posting on Facebook in different groups. It's insane the response I am getting. Yesterday I posted in 2 groups on Facebook and got 46 people onto my email list in 24 hours!! I love the fact that EPM teaches you to start making money straight away, iterate your way to awesome and do your website later once you are making money. I now have all the elements of a great business in place and that is ALL thanks to Marisa's EPM. Seriously, I'm blown away."

Kat Coroy (Walters)

United Kingdom

"I quit my job to start my own business a year before I found Marisa. In that year I achieved a grand total of nothing. I had launched my website, written some great guest posts and gathered a few email subscribers, but that's it.

I realized that it wasn't a business. It was nothing more than a hobby - a fantasy even - and it was unsustainable. I was heartbroken, thinking I was going to have to give up on my business before it had even started.

EPM gave me clarity around my offer and gave me actionable steps to get my offer in front of my target market and start reaching out to people 1:1. Everything I needed was right there - I just had to follow the process. I have so much more confidence and self-belief than before. I never thought I could enjoy enrollment conversations or be able to sell successfully on the phone but now I actually find it fun!

After a year of fumbling about, in just 10 weeks of EPM I was finally seeing money in my bank account!

Knowing I have the beginnings of a viable business is fantastic, but the excitement and confidence I now have for my business and my future is truly incredible!"

Belinda Griffin

Cambridgeshire, UK

"Before I was flying by the seat of my pants, randomly trying different things to see what would work or not. Now I have a clear path with a variety of tried and true options, enough to keep me busy for a good long time. I promoted my online course before this class and made less than $500. By implementing Marissa's strategies I brought in $3,000."

Debra Greene

Kihei, HI

"Before EPM, I would sit at home alone with my computer attempting to put together the "perfect program." And the thought of marketing before something was finished would have made me extremely anxious. With the in-depth support and resources that make up the EPM program, I was inspired to take action in a way, and at a speed, that I wouldn't have dreamt possible before.

I was capable of so much more than I believed, and it was helpful to be held in a container of a supportive community, with great coaches cheering me on to Mission Accomplished. Now I have the confidence to move forward in my business, rather than getting in my own way and feeling stuck in an isolated creation cave. I now understand the value of engagement with my audience before, during, and after program creation, and I understand that with each iteration, it just gets better and better."

Jennifer Brown

Victoria, Canada

"I had a mountain of ideas, information, and possibilities weighing on my shoulders for years. I've been curious about online courses and coaching and have purchased at least 10 info-marketing and online business programs over the past 10 years.

None of those courses inspired me or led me to take action on what I was learning and actually create what was promised.

I signed up for Experience Product Masterclass because I was thinking of starting a new business and I had a course idea that I thought could work alongside it. During the 10 weeks, my idea completely changed and I ended up serving a completely different niche.

The entire experience was structured in a way that motivated me to keep moving forward and experiment. I was able to see how experiencing coaching and courses can have a greater impact on delivering results to the client. The mountain was lifted off of my shoulders and as a result of EPM, I have a commitment for $24,000 from a marketing client. "

Justin King

Riverdale, UT

"I was stuck. I wanted to create an online product that would be transformative for my clients, but never quite knew how or where to start. The story was always the same, I would purchase a new information program that promised to be "the answer" but which in the end left me frustrated, disheartened, poorer, and no closer to my goal of building my product. The only thing I learned was that I didn't want to build an information product like the one I had just taken!

After much deliberation, I decided to take one last chance and join EPM. I am so glad I did. Marisa's program gave me exactly what I needed to move forward. Her message about giving people "an experience" rather than just information and building a business that reflected "who and why I am" resonated with me completely. Each lesson in her program was filled with easy to understand actionable steps and constantly inspired me to continue until I reached Mission Accomplished. Before I knew it, I had built my first program, had my first customers and made $3,500. "

Laura Eaton

Wellesley, MA

"I have gone from stuck, in the dark and unschooled to having a way forward, and clients paying me what I am worth. I have gone from not having any framework for a service business, underpinning my inspirational and motivational platform, to having one. Not to mention the $9,394 I made as a result of EPM. I am excited to make a real difference in other people's lives, people who I want to be empowered to shape the kind of world I want to live in."

Melanie Gow

Berkshire, United Kingdom

"I knew I wanted to start a business, but never having done this before, I was simply floating around the internet trying to understand how to go about it. EPM helped me understand how to create an inspiring, impactful and successful product. But I also learned the much deeper lesson that when you create something that helps people transform their lives, your life transforms too.

I'm on a mission to help artists quiet all the external noise so they can step up into their power and make art that comes from their soul. In the process, I learned how to claim my own empowerment. Moving forward, I'm eager to discover how I can serve even more deeply, so that I can help others unleash their creative gifts, and help them manifest the vision of what they want to create in the world. Plus I made $5,991 in sales from my Experience Product. "

Michael Namkung

Portland, OR

"Over the last couple of years I had a combo of fear of failure and perfectionism stopping me from taking the leap to launch my first online program. Marisa and EPM inspired and empowered me to just go for it. As a result, in less then 10 weeks, I've launched my first online program with 91 people, made $8,827 and I'm having a positive impact in all of my participants lives! "

Tracey Delfs

Alberta, Canada

"Because of EPM, I have found new confidence in myself and my abilities. I'm not only creating a class that has a small tribe waiting for me to launch, I have a BUSINESS! In the past 10 weeks, my confidence level has gone through the roof because I CAN DO THIS! I can build a business, I can create courses that will help people, I can market without feeling sleazy because people want to hear my message. This has been an empowering 10 weeks. I'm in control of my life, I'm confident and happy and I owe it all to Marisa and EPM!!! "

Patricia Lemieux

Dacono, CO

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"I took the Experience Program Masterclass, worked it step by step, followed Marisa's advice, and within 10 weeks I could start my business! Before it was just a wish, a dream. Now I feel that I am a real entrepreneur with a coaching business! I'm so happy I took the leap and signed up for this Masterclass! "

Cornelia Wendt

Lincolnshire, UK

"The biggest difference EPM has made in my business is actually getting started. I had quit my job just before joining EPM and was unclear how to set up my coaching business and market it. I was not earning anything. I have now set up my business, am actively marketing it and sold 1 product at $1,293. Now that I have the tools and know how, I will continue to iterate my marketing and products!"

Natalie Claire

St Helier, Jersey


*FTC DISCLAIMER: These results may not be typical, and can’t be taken in any way as a guarantee of the results you would receive since your success depends on the quality of your offers and marketing. We don’t offer get rich quick solutions, and we can’t guarantee your success – only you can do that, through your commitment, hard work, consciousness, and dedication.